My Moderately Damp Sock

Last night, I went to dinner with two good friends. One of my friends was limping from the moment I saw her. I inquired about her situation and she said her nail was falling off after prolonged stiletto wear at a wedding we’d both attended two months prior.

I know what you’re thinking: two sentences in and I’ve already spoken about foot issues. I’m getting old; get over it.

She had a bandage over it but because of the pain it was causing her, she’d removed it once we sat down. Big mistake. Her toe was now rubbing against her shoes and causing even more pain.

As we got off the train (we were on a train while all this was happening), her pain had reached a peak point and my other friend offered his sock; she rejected. That’s when I offered her my sock. She rejected a second time.

“Take my sock!” I screamed multiple times in succession and then proceeded to take my sock off. Balancing on one foot, I unzipped my boots and started to take my sock off. As I handed her my sock, I said, “oh, its damp.”

I know: I’m awful. You’re all squirming. I am too don’t worry.

My friend tried to put my sock on but the friction was too painful so she just endured the pain while I tried to balance (once again) and put my sock back on.

I tell this story not to make you squeamish about damp socks (it’s funny how fast your mood can change when you hear those words) but about the extent we all go for those we love.

I would not characterize myself as a nice person. But sometimes, you are with the right people, you’ve just had a burrito and Tim Tams*, and you are living your best life: you do the weirdest things in good faith.

You got to do what you got to do. Because that’s sort of what friendship is. We do things for those we love, even if it means offering them a moderately damp sock.


* Delicious Australian cookies you should go purchase and put in your mouth.