Why Muslim Rap is just as Offensive to me

I do not find anything particularly Islamic about “Muslim” rap. My use of this term is really because of a lack thereof. As a matter of fact, I think the same principles of sexism we see playing out in certain kinds of pop music, are being translated into a Muslim cultural references and then labelled “Muslim Rap.”

In my eyes there is no difference between repeatedly referring to a woman as Habibti or Shawty; different language but the same implications. More specifically perhaps, “Muslim Queen” being a play off “trap queen” is like people using the word “fudge” to mean the f-word.

We all know what is actually meant.

Instead of side chicks, these songs speak about four wives.

Instead of one-night stands, there are wedding night references.

In my opinion, this kind of content, simply replaces of mainstream terminology with “Islamic” terminology. In doing so, this subculture profanitizes the sacred. I find this deeply problematic.

            At least Flo-Rida is not trying to claim he is creating religious acceptably content.

Now let’s talk about the fact that in this genre, there is constantly the implication that Muslim men can’t manage to respect a woman unless they liken her to their sister or mom.

God forbid a man manages to respect a woman because she is a human being and not because he must liken her to a female member of his family. Even Freud was triggered.

There is the same objectifying approach to women that mainstream music contains. However, it is Islam-washed and packaged as something permissible or appropriate, when in my opinion it is neither.

It glorifies men and creates the same dynamic of conquest that literally every other pop culture source contains. In the music, men are victimized as never getting what they want (marriage usually) even though they are so nice (examples include: dowry is too high, father is too mean.)

The same over sexualized rhetoric coming out of the mainstream is stemming from this genre. I feel just less demeaned and disrespected by this music.